Information for Resuming Research in AHS Clinical Areas

This page is updated regularly with input from AHS clinical areas

Per the research guidance memo related to COVID impact dated August 27, 2020: 

"It is the discretion of each AHS operational area to determine its ability to accommodate non-essential AHS ambulatory (outpatient) research visits; re-approval to access the operational area may be required....

...AHS reserves the right to suspend research studies at any time in any area should AHS require operational resources to be diverted for new outbreaks or demand surges. Updates will be provided as required. Please consult with your academic institution to discuss possible options for using alternate clinical space based at the universities."

RESEARCH RESTRICTION ALERT:  The following site(s) has issued research activity restrictions and prohibits research access in various patient care units (PCUs): 

  • Foothills Medical Centre

To inquire about the status of a specific PCU, please contact

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